Environmental Responsibility

Engineering, production and construction with environmental sustainability in mind. 

We strive continuously to reduce our footprint on the climate and environment.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint and Maximizing Sustainability

With both - continuous and project specific -environmental footprint reduction activities in our mind.

We are pioneering in construction with a focus on reducing carbon emissions through the entire project lifecycle and product lifespan, embracing the principles of circular economy.

Experience in sustainable construction

For more than 10 years, UPB has worked with numerous, globally recognized sustainability certification systems, leading to extensive expertise in sustainable and energy efficient construction.

Assessing the impact of our products

We are commited to calculating the environmental impact of our products through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), providing our clients with comprehensive data and insights into the carbon footprint of the products chosen in their construction projects.

We believe in continous improvement, and collaboration to build a more sustainable future for the construction industry. Some of the databases and systems we work with and have our products registered and evaluated is Byggvaru Bedömningen, Sunda Hus, Cobuilder, Basta and others.

Assessing the impact at project level

To help our clients make informed choices and minimize the project’s environmental impact our team can provide specific emission calculations both for products and at a project level.

Building sustainability requires accurate and trustworthy data, therefore we are using certified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program «One Click LCA».

Road to carbon neutrality

Over the years, we have dedicated substantial resources to enhance the sustainability of our operations, production, and construction practices.

For example, our precast division has recently updated EPD's with around 25% of improvement in embodied CO2.
We assessed the entire product lifecycle - from raw material production, manufacturing, logistics and construction, till end-of-life considerations. 

Hyllie Terrass

One of our most sustainable projects is Hyllie Terrass, which is a part of a part of Sweden Green Building Council pilot study on NollCO2 certification. The project embodies extensive knowledge of our prefabricated concrete and steel specialists, who worked closely with SKANSKA from early project stages to discuss possible options and reach the set targets.

In addition to the NollCO2 certification, Hyllie Terrass will be certified according to LEED and WELL.

Environmental activities

Supply chain management

We value long-term cooperation with our partners and are putting focus on sustainable practices throughout whole supply chain. We share our expertise and incorporate feedback from those we work with. 

Support to our clients and partners on the way to sustainability

Trainings and case study of new and sustainable techologies and carbon footprint reduction developed in UPB group.

CO2 footprint calculations for products and CO2 reduction strategies for product groups.

Guidance and practical support for product registration in product evaluation data bases - for example, EPD, Byggvaru Bedömningen, Sunda Hus, Cobuilder, Basta and others.