Full service facade solutions – from bespoke curtain walls to architectural concrete facades.

Unitized aluminium facades (curtain wall or element facades)

This modular approach embraces smart and efficient construction. The elements are produced off-site and delivered to site almost finished - with blinds, ventilation, fire-safety solutions etc.  - everything pre-installed at the factory, ensuring fast and safe installation on-site.

Architectural concrete facades

The perfect solution for robust and durable façades is architectural concrete, which can serve as cladding material or load-bearing walls.
The innovative GRC concrete is perfect for complex designs, allowing to create unique shapes and textures while reducing elements' complexity and weight.

Limitless visual variations

Our custom facades can be easily supplemented with various cladding elements and surface finishes.
As part of the collaboration, we can provide a visual mock-up and/or performance mock-up to ensure that all requirements are met.

Full service

UPB offers a full range of services, from design to production and installation on-site. 
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the building envelope, our teams are able to advise clients on design and develop alternative solutions that meets their needs.

Off-site construction (DFMA approach)

This highly efficient construction method ensures consistent quality and minimises delays because all the elements are produced in a controlled environment. 
It also allows for greater customization, flexibility in design and swift on-site installation. Learn more here.

Production facilities

Our modern and well-equipped production facilities, specialized in glazed aluminium and concrete products, are located in Liepāja, Latvia, just 2km away from each other.
The convenient location allows us to provide secure and swift logistics to European and Scandinavian countries.

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