UPB Group brings together several of Latvia's leading construction-industry manufacturing companies.

In-house Production

UPB Group includes advanced facilities for concrete, steel, glass ar machinery products. 

We also operate the largest ready-mixed concrete network in Latvia and have several sand and gravel quarries. 

Driven by the DFMA Approach

In production, we are driven by the DFMA approach and promote the off-site construction where the largest proportion of works are carried out at the production facility and almost completely finished elements are delivered to the construction site for swift installation. 

This method enables us to guarantee consistently high quality.

Convenient Location

Our production facilities are located within a few kilometres of each other, ensuring swift resource movement and enhancing operational efficiency.

With easy access to harbors and highways, we ensure safe and swift logistics to Europe and Scandinavian countries.

Sustainable Production Practices

In production, we prioritize ongoing and project-specific initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. This involves various activities and initiatives, for example, using green energy, recycling production materials, and more. Read more here.

UPB's Environmental Certificates and Declarations are published here

Key Manufacturers within UPB Group

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