Off-site Construction

Off-site construction is a highly effective construction method that ensures consistent quality and lower CO2 emissions over the project lifecycle.

Shifting from construction site to factory

Off-site construction enables faster and more effective construction, where most of the work is done at the factory and almost completely finished façade units are delivered to the site for swift installation. 

By shifting the workload from the construction site to the factory, we can reduce the on-site workforce, which leads to improved site safety and other benefits.

Why choose off-site construction?

  • Efficiency and Quality
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Faster Construction
  • Improved site safety

Customization options

Through off-site construction, we can customize the walls to your desired level of readiness. This includes the installation of windows, blinds, windowsills, ventilation, fire-safety solutions, and more, all completed at the factory settings. Moreover, we can refine the inside of the element to a point where it is ready for interior works.

UPB also ensures optimized division of wall elements at the tender stage to reduce the total design, production and delivery timeline.

Consistent quality

By using this method, we ensure a consistently high quality. The components are made in a controlled factory environment, providing better oversight of the processes.

Each unit's manufacturing process can be easily monitored and checked at every stage before it leaves the factory. This not only lowers the risk of defects but also prevents problems on-site, which can be more challenging, time-consuming, and expensive to fix.

Cutting CO2 emissions

By moving a significant part of the construction process to a controlled factory environment, off-site construction reduces CO2 emissions.

This streamlined approach not only provides the opportunity to reduce waste and scrap within factory conditions but also facilitates using green energy and other associated benefits.

Production facilities

Our modern and well-equipped production facilities are located in Liepāja, Latvia, ensuring fast and swift logistics to European and Scandinavian countries. 

The newest production plant was opened in 2021 and it's specially designed for manufacturing products with high-added value. 

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