• 3C projects

    UPB engineered, manufactured and assembled combined glass, steel and concrete solutions. Customer is provided with full external shell of the building under a single contract and single responsibility.

  • High rise construction

    UPB specializes in high-rise buildings, having designed and constructed frames and facades for more than 15 buildings since 2016.

  • New advanced precast plant

    Extends our competencies in the production of complex concrete structures and allows off-site construction method development

  • Sustainable construction

    UPB has high competence in the field of sustainable and energy efficient construction. We provide our expertise in the most efficient emission reduction strategies for glazed, concrete and steel structures.

  • Early Stage consultations

    We have 30 years of Construction Industry knowledge and we seek solutions that achieve our clients’ aspirations. Our Design and Consultancy Services cover every stage, from conceptual to detailed design and construction management.


UPB group is one of the leading industrial holdings in the Baltic States. UPB is a Latvia-based general contractor, with specialization in the construction of complex modern buildings and Design & Build.

As an exporter, UPB provides specialized building frame and facade solutions, including engineering, production, logistics and installation. Our main advantage is the ability to offer integrated solutions for glazed, steel and concrete structures, as well as for energy and mechanical engineering.

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