UPB is one of the leading industrial groups in the Baltics

UPB in a glance

UPB is one of the largest industrial groups in the Baltic countries, providing engineering, construction, energy & machinery services, and production of glazed, steel and concrete structures.

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Consolidated turnover, 2023

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UPB specializes in the production of glazed, steel and precast building structures, Design & Build projects, and energy and machinery solutions.

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Full service facade solutions – from bespoke curtain walls to architectural concrete facades.


Advanced precast concrete, steel and hybrid structures for complex and high-rise buildings.

General Construction

UPB is the leading construction company in Latvia, with wide portfolio of commercial, public, office, industrial, sports venue, military and other types of buildings.


Our most valuable resource is our people – from qualified specialists to inspiring leaders.

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We are driven by collaboration, responsibility, and growth. We believe that the strength of UPB lies in teamwork - what one cannot do alone, we can achieve together!


UPB is an international team where over 1700 employees work together in unity.


We do more than construct buildings – we are shaping a sustainable future.


Continuous development, both at the individual and organizational levels, is an integral part of our work culture, allowing us to be industry leaders.

UPB Group

UPB group is one of the largest industrial group of companies in the Baltic countries, with the core business being the construction of technologically complex buildings, including the design and production of construction materials, as well as their delivery, assembly and service. UPB has over 30 years of experience in Latvian and foreign markets. 

The advantage of the UPB group is the ability to ensure integrated solutions for glass, steel, concrete structures, as well as for the energy sector and mechanical engineering. UPB is specialized in General construction and Design & Build projects. 

The biggest groups of the UPB are MB Betons group, RK Metāls group, AILE group, UPB Energy group and UPB Nams group.