Energy Solutions

Full cycle energy solutions - from boiler houses to technically complex large-scale energy objects.

Sustainable energy solutions

UPB offers environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions, using renewable energy resources and biogas.
We can provide full-cycle construction of boiler houses, biomass cogeneration plants and other energy facilities. 


High technical competence

Our specialists have extensive experience in the design and construction of energy facilities with various capacities.
We can offer both the installation and commissioning of technological equipment as well as full-service and maintenance of energy facilities.

One contract, one responsibility

To ensure project efficiency, we recommend the construction of large-scale energy objects implement as ‘turnkey’ projects, where the entire responsibility - from the design to the installation of the technology and commissioning - lies with one company, ensuring faster and more efficient project implementation.

CHP modules

UPB designs manufactures and installs cogeneration and trigeneration modules powered by natural gas, biogas, synthetic gas and petroleum gas. This process reduces CO2 emissions and significantly reduces heat losses.
We deliver our CHP modules worldwide. 

Costum solutions

Our team of experts can assist in developing and implementing projects, aimed to improve company's energy efficiency and modernization.

  • Production and installation of smokestacks
  • Flue gas condensers
  • Electrical precipitators
  • Installation of boilers
  • Heat supply optimization

Service and maintenance

We provide highly qualified services and maintenance works in Europe with main service centers in Latvia and Switzerland.

  • Technical maintenance of cogeneration stations
  • Online monitoring of equipment
  • Full-time monitoring of energy facilities
  • Spare parts
  • Emergency service 24/7