Governance and Social Responsibility

Building a better future together.

We believe that the strength of UPB is in our people - our team and our communities.

Fair and ethical business

We uphold the highest ethical standards in all business practices, promoting transparency, integrity, and fair treatment of all stakeholders.

At UPB, we have also developed internal policies for traceable and ethical business management. We focus on transparent cooperation, without discrimination, avoiding corruption, and creating a socially responsible workplace. 

Community Engagement

We actively engage with communities, support social development initiatives, promote education, job creation, and culture preservation.

We have been recognized as the largest labor tax payers in the Kurzeme region for several years in a row - UPB in the category of large companies and Dzelzsbetons MB among medium companies. With this award, The State Revenue Service honors responsible companies, who create secure and stable foundations for the Latvian economy. 

Education Accessibility

  • Since 2002, we have established the “Stabilitāte” scholarship fund to improve youth's access to engineering education from high school until university graduation.
  • Ongoing collaboration with Riga Technical University Engineering School.

Exploring the Industry

  • We offer students the chance to join excursions to both our factories and construction sites.
  • We are happy to offer lectures and share experiences with youth about career prospects and growth opportunities within the construction industry.

Support for Education

  • Support for various STEM related contests (machinery, engineering etc).
  • Providing our support and expert guidance to students during the development of their term papers or final projects
  • Internship options in group companies.

Support for Communities

  • With our long-term donations, we have supported the local community organization "Cerība bērniem" in Karosta, Liepāja, to ensure daily warm lunches at the day center, assist children in preparing all necessary items for starting school, and provide gifts for special celebrations.
  • We foster the curiosity of children of UPB Group employees in construction and safety by arranging different contests and activities, offering easily accessible reflective safety gear, and much more.

Employee Well-Being

At UPB, we prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, as well as employees of our subcontractors, by fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes growth and development.

Internal employee survey reveals that an impressive 80% of our administrative staff positively rated their workplace with scores ranging from 8 to 10 points.

Learn more here about benefits of working in UPB Group. 

Key Employee Welfare Initiatives

  • Accident Insurance Round the Clock, Inside and Outside Work Hours
  • Coverage for Health Insurance
  • Engaging in Sports Activities and Challenges 
  • Team-building events
  • Lectures related to employee well-being and mental health
  • And more