Our most valuable resource is our people – from qualified specialists to inspiring leaders.

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Why join UPB?

Growth Opportunities

UPB group is the ideal place for employees to advance their careers within the company and gain experience from industry professionals.

Long-term Vision

Over our 30+ years of operations, we have ensured that our employees can work in a company that is both stable and focused on future development.

Global Experience

Our employees have the opportunity to work on world-class projects both within Latvia and on an international scale.

Professional Work Environment

In total, around 1700 field professionals work within the UPB group - ranging from manufacturing and construction to engineers and administrative staff.

Commitment to Development

We believe that knowledge is a key to success; therefore, we invest in regular training and educational seminars for our employees.

Employee Well-being

We provide our employees with a sense of security through health and accident insurance, support them in important life events, and encourage participation in varios sports activities.

We are driven by collaboration, responsibility, and growth. We believe that the strength of UPB lies in teamwork - what one cannot do alone, we can achieve together!


UPB is an international team where over 1700 employees work together in unity.


We do more than construct buildings – we are shaping a sustainable future.


Continuous development, both at the individual and organizational levels, is an integral part of our work culture, allowing us to be industry leaders.