Building with Excellence: Quality and process management for sustainable results.

Integrated quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system certified since 2000.

Process management in accordance to ISO standards

UPB has been ISO 9001 (Quality management system), ISO 14001 (Environmental protection) and ISO 45001 (Occupational safety) certified, providing confidence that our products and services are created in ways that are sustainable, safe, and efficiently managed.

QHSE Management in accordance to BuildingConfidence Gold level

UPB holds Membership certifications from the UK's leading supplier assessment systems, Achilles Information Ltd.

Company is accredited as:

  • Supplier of Achilles network
  • Supplier of Achilles Utilities Nordics and Central Europe Comunity
  • Compliant with SSIP health and safety scheme requirements

Product Certification

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the product standards. Independent institutions regularly assess compliance of the products, making it possible to mark them with CE and other product labels.

Compliance is confirmed by certificates of production control process issued by these institutions.

High Performance

We create products that stand out with complexity and design, and build sustainable and high-performing projects that deliver lasting value for our clients, communities and environment.

Therefore our QHSE system is maintained and integrated into into the full supply chain - from sales and design to the production, delivery and installation of the products, including project management in internal and external supply chain.

Our group's certificates are published here.