Early Stage Consultations

UPB aims to find most economically beneficial solution for your particular project, based on real production and assembly expertise.

Benefits of Early Stage involvement

  • Various solutions for frame and facade
  • Assistance to increase rental / sales space
  • Shortened project period
  • Practise based solutions
  • Early assurance of project costs

When can we improve Your project?

Early Stage involvement can make the most positive impact during the stage when the developer releases the initial concept of the construction project, and the potential main contractors contribute their own ideas for solving the project system.

In such cases, UPB can collaborate closely with the main contractors or developers even before the full inquiries are released in the market. 

Assistance in smart decisions

Products & structures

Analysis and adaption of multiple concepts at the same time (frame and facade) with different structures:

  • Structural steel
  • Precast concrete
  • Glazed structures
  • Timber structures
  • Hybrid structures


Analysis of different approaches (for frame and/or glazed structures):

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Installation

Improve Your project targets

With the help of UPB team, our customers have achieved significant improvements in numerous frame and facade projects, resulting in note-worthy advantages for both developers and main contractors.

Main takeaway from early involvement is reduced material usage, machinery usage and associated costs reduction, accelerated construction timelines, optimal on-site labor hours, overall cost savings for the entire project, lower CO2 emissions, and various other project-specific benefits.

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