Frame and Facade Solution

Our combined frame and facade solution integrates design, production and assembly of steel, concrete and glass structures, ensuring a faster and more effective way of building.

Smarter way of building

Our specialists from various UPB business lines have worked together to develop this integrated concept. 

Clarion Hotel Draken in Gothenburg is a great example, where we took full responsibility for the frame and facade. 

Why choose UPB frame & facade solution?

  • Swift design process
  • Proactive clash avoidance
  • Shorter installation times
  • Combined time schedule
  • Reduced workload on the client's team

One contract, one responsibility

We take full responsibility for the entire construction process, from design to production and assembly of frame and facade structures.

It takes a load off the client’s shoulders and significally cuts administrative and project management resources, as all issues are resolved internally with no significant engagement of the general contractor.

Combined schedule

This approach gives the opportunity to shorten total time schedule by effectively utilizing the work time and merging the schedules for frame and facade.

It is also an opportunity to have much closer work zones, allowing simulatenous installation of frame and facade structures.



We are able to provide the combined frame and facade solution thanks to our modern and highly functional production facilities, located in Latvia. 

In manufacturing, we use equipment and materials from recognized companies such as SchucoLisecWiconaReckli, Schwenk, etc., thus ensuring a high quality of our products.

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