Energy complex, Veckrogeli

"Veckroģeļi" energy complex is the largest and most powerful biomass cogeneration plant in Kurzeme producing 3.98 MW of electrical output and 15.9 MW of heat output per hour.

The electricity produced by the cogeneration plant is fed into the grid of AS "Sadales tīkls", while the produced heat is used for the production processes of the nearby pellet factory, which can rely on the produced heat throughout the year.

This is a turnkey project implemented by UPB Energy in cooperation with other companies of the UPB Group, ensuring the entire cycle from designing, construction and equipment installation to launching and fine-tuning of the plant. UPB Energy also provides 24/7 plant maintenance and operation service.

  • 15.9  MW thermal load
  • 3.98 MW Electrical load
  • Steam boiler – 61 bar(g), 485 ‘C, 20.5 t/h
  • Steam turbine – 4.0 MW
  • Flue gas condenser - 4,3 MWt/h
  • Fuel – Biomass (woodchips)
  • 24/7 routine operation and service maintenance