Hyllie Terrass

UPB has finished our most sustainable project so far – the frame and facade for the Hyllie Terrass, which is a candidate for the status of the Sweden’s first climate neutral office building (NollCO2 certification).

We are proud to be cooperating with Skanska in this landmark project, that allowed us to show our extensive knowledge in both #concrete and #steel areas. UPB was able to provide solutions for improvements in design, manufacturing, and logistics, leading to:

  • Overall projected CO2 reduction of the of #precast elements ~33%.
  • Projected CO2 reduction in steel elements ~53%.

Hyllie Terrass is located in Malmö's most sustainable district, Hyllie, and has the area of 14 000 m2 over 12 floors. It is one of the few projects in Sweden Green Building Council pilot study on NollCO2 certification of buildings. In addition to the NollCO2, Hyllie Terrass will also be certified according to LEED and WELL. 

Read more detailed case study here.

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