Design & Build

Complete complex construction projects faster and more effectively by integrating the Design & Build approach.

Design & Build benefits for investors and developers

  • One contract, one responsibility
  • Lower costs
  • More effective solutions
  • Holistic approach
  • Shorter delivery time

One responsibility

With Design & Build approach, we assume complete responsibility for the entire project lifecycle, managing everything from the initial design to delivering the keys to a finished and furnished building to our customers.

Right from the project's inception, our team of skilled engineers and construction experts are working together to find the most suitable solutions.


Building information modelling (BIM)

All our projects are developed in a BIM environment, which allows a seamless exchange of information between the involved parties and early detection and resolution of potential clashes.

We can also generate a building's 'digital twin' or 'as build model', serving as an information repository that contains all the important facts about projects construction — materials, technology, warranty periods, and others, that later on will make building management much easier. 

Reduced workload on client's side

By overseeing the entire construction project, and taking on full responsibility for all project stages, the project management and administrative resources on the client side can be significantly reduced, as all issues are resolved internally with no significant engagement of the client.

Reliable partner

The UPB group incorporates more than 20 companies that combine various business directions, such as engineering, construction, service, energy, machinery and production of glass, steel and concrete structures. In total, UPB employs around 1700 people. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complicated construction projects.

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