USA, Canada or China – Which Market Should UPB Expand To?

Swedish master’s students of the Stockholm School of Economics have performed analysis of potential UPB markets as part of their internship.

The aspiring financial experts had two weeks to assess the opportunities, risks and scenarios for introducing UPB’s unitised facades (for high-rise buildings of 16 storeys and more) and modular constructions into the American, Canadian and Chinese markets.

Even though the students had carried out thorough research and preparation beforehand, the several days spent at the factories of MB Betons, AILE Group and RK Metāls in Liepāja provided deeper insight into the wide range of innovative products offered by UPB and the applications thereof.

After a comprehensive analysis of the American, Canadian and Chinese markets, the new experts recommended UPB to focus on the Chinese market, as well as proposed several scenarios for doing so.