UPB supports RTU students with monthly scholarships

We continue to support young people in their educational journey by providing monthly scholarships to two first-year students in Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Riga Technical University) Mechanical Engineering program - Marats Kristiāns and Raivis.


Both students will receive support from the UPB Scholarship Fund and our machinery division, RK Machinery, until the completion of their bachelor's studies.

As Agnis Klans, Head Of Mechanical Engineering Unit at RK Machinery, explains: "Given Latvia's rich history in metalworking and mechanical engineering, it is crucial for us that young people pursue careers in this industry. Our partnership with UPB and RTU offers these students valuable opportunities to enhance their skills and talent, fostering their professional growth."

This scholarship is part of a broader program of activities and support, benefiting over 10 schoolchildren and students through the UPB’s fund "Stabilitāte". Additionally, RK Machinery has actively promoted mechanical engineering and metalworking for several years by organizing tours of its production plant in Grobina, participating in student-organized events, and providing internships.