UPB completes the design phase for the Mary Elizabeths Hospital in Copenhagen

Our facade engineers have completed the design phase for the remarkable Mary Elizabeths Hospital in Copenhagen, marking an important milestone for the project. Next up – production and installation!

“The hospital’s facade has especially strict technical, thermal, hygiene and material compatibility requirements. It is also challenging due to its impressive size of more than 26 000 m2 and unique shape, with many different patterns and colors that creates the effect of playfulness. To prepare the 3D drawings, a team of 10 engineers worked for 6 months, and it has been a very intense, but very interesting process for us,” says Andrius Katinas, project’s engineering lead from UPB Lithuanian engineering office. 3D drawings have already become an integral part for UPB façade projects, as the 3D engineering minimizes the possibility of errors and saves a lot of time.

During the design period, UPB team worked closely with the envelope architects () turning many productive and interesting discussions into aesthetic and effective solutions. For example, finding the right colour for the corrugated aluminum cladding took a few rounds, but we can be 101% sure that the outcome will match the expectations for all the involved parties. “We very much appreciate our collaboration together with the UPB team,” concludes Torsten Wang, Architect MAA, Senior Associate at 3XN.
We also glad to be working together with our partner LM Byg A/S. In total, we will deliver around 2700 façade units for the Mary Elizabeths Hospital - Riget for børn, unge og gravide in Copenhagen, Denmark. The ground floor will have an AOC facade with sunscreens, upper floors – a bespoke unitized facade with external blinds and motorized sashes. The project also includes a ventilated facade, curved sliding entrance doors, revolving doors, blind control system, etc.