The young architect with the future in mind – Karlis Miculis

“To find the essence of certain matters, understand and analyse different interconnections. To try to do the thing I am best at and obtain fruition through the balance between different aspects of life,” said Karlis Miculis about his life motto.

Karlis Miculis has been the scholarship holder of the UPB education foundation “Stabilitate” (“Stability”) for 3 years. When studying at the Riga Building College, Karlis decided to study architecture, as this sphere unites two very significant areas for Karlis – the visual expression and opportunity to implement it in life. To justify his choice, Karlis said: “Architecture is expressed through materiality that defines the spatial atmosphere – colour, sensation, even smell, however, from the philosophical point of view – architecture of a building defines how people living in the building would form their relationship and use the space in the daily life. Architecture creates the environment that programs our behavioural habits; therefore, I believe that it is a very significant element that impacts the society.” According to Winston Churchill: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

After graduating from high school in 2012, Karlis began his studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of RISEBA at the international architecture program, where he dedicated all his time to studies and improvement. Thanks to the good results, the young architect obtained Erasmus grant that will provide an opportunity to practice in Zurich: in summer he will start a year-long assignment at the international architectural firm KCAP engaged in urban planning and architecture of different buildings. Karlis is confident about his decision: “I decided to work on my professional improvement in Switzerland as it has one of the best systems of construction and architectural design in Europe. In Switzerland, a lot of time is spent on design, therefore the most suitable solutions can be found and that ensures the highest quality.”

The young architect is planning to obtain Master’s degree at Swiss or Scandinavian architecture universities that, in his opinion, provide the most profound and comprehensive knowledge in architecture.

After the assignment in Switzerland and obtaining Master’s degree, Karlis is planning to return to Latvia to contribute his work to the Latvian architecture.