The engineer bureau "Būve un forma" joins the UPB group

A contract about SIA "Inženieru birojs “Būve un forma" joining the UPB group has been approved today. The capabilities and experience of both companies will allow the implementation of larger D&B (Design&Build) projects, in other words, joint design and construction projects, as well as the development of the implementation of the BIM (Building Information Model) principle in projects both in Latvia and abroad.

We have been working with "Būve un forma" for 4 years and their designers have proven their competence, which will now enrich ours. According to UPB board chairman Dainis Bērziņš, UPB also sees a big potential for developing BIM and areas of design automation together with "Būve un forma".

The engineer bureau "Būve un forma" has a wide experience in the field of complex design with complex projects in both Latvia and abroad.

UPB is one of the leading industrial groups in the Baltic States. UPB has been working for more than 27 years in fields of engineering, production, logistics, construction and service. UPB group takes advantage of being able to offer integrated solutions in the areas of glass, steel structures, concrete structures, as well as in the fields of energy and mechanical engineering. UPB group enterprises and their factory network covers the entire territory of Latvia and the covered production areas reach 60 000 m2. UPB currently employs more than 1500 employees.