Scientific research of UPB group engineer has a practical application in construction

Our colleague and scientist Dr rer. nat. Kārlis Kukemilks participated in the 46th IAH Congress in Malaga where he presented his research on “Geophysically based modeling of preferential flow”. It demonstrates an innovative approach that combines methods of traditional geological research with methods of geophysics. The combined approach allows one to understand the underground water pathways and develop an appropriate groundwater model.

The research has a practical application in construction since geophysical methods allow one to get a more comprehensive view of the bases of buildings. For example, discover previously unknown infrastructure objects, buried foundations and weak layers that often times lead to losses during the construction process. Whereas numerical models are used increasingly more in the construction process. “SIA Inženieru birojs “Būve un Forma”’’ developed a numerical groundwater model for the building complex of the Institute of Integral Education I3 in Riga. Such model is also being developed for the planned class A office building centre at Marijas iela 2/2a.

A groundwater model is needed to calculate the amount of groundwater necessary to be pumped from the foundation excavation, and to predict the effect of pumping on other buildings. Such research is very important in dense urban development areas, as it allows one to predict and prevent the deformation of land surface caused by construction works and the flooding of the underground parts of surrounding buildings.

This research is also a part of Kārlis’ doctoral thesis that he defended at the University of Trier in Germany. We are proud of the scientific achievements of our colleague and we are happy that we are able to use the results of the research in our work!