Mechanical engineering direction of RK Metals doubles production capacity upon significant investments in technologies

The new direction of UPB holding – mechanical engineering – reaches break-even point and expands production applying new technologies for production of metal processing and coordinate measuring machines. Purchased machines are energy-efficient and environment-friendly, and the amount invested in purchase thereof exceeds 620 000 EUR.


Mechanical engineering – the direction of entrepreneurship established within UPB holding two years ago has already reached the break-even point or the so called business zero point in the company RK Metals. This achievement has been provided by the powerful team of engineers, investments in technologies, as well as deliberative production and market development strategy.

In the middle of this year modern technologies were purchased – the mechanical engineering plant was provided with a CO2 laser-cutting machine TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 TruFlow 5000, Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm coordinate measuring machine, as well as a hydraulic bending press DURMA ADS 25100, which will allow the plant doubling of production volumes, reduction of power consumption, provision of more objective and more precise industrial production control in the comparison of geometric elements with the ones defined in the drawing, as well as formation of 3D models according to the scanned geometric forms of the part. Modernisation project of the plant was performed in cooperation with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia within the Norwegian financial mechanism programme 2009-2014 “Green Industry Innovations”.

So far, the basic objective of the mechanical engineering team was development of product prototypes, market analysis and attraction of the potential customers, but currently formation of product lines to be generating profit from the intellectual and financial investments within the last two years is in progress. Such products as excavator’s scoop with hydraulic turning system, line of aluminium profile milling process manipulators and motorized facades (created in synergy with AILE Grupa) have been developed in 2014.

Regarding market development, mechanical engineering products of RK Metals have been so far exported to Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iraq and the USA, whereas, agrotechnics distribution companies from Germany and Austria have expressed their wish to become agents of RK Metals agricultural machinery products in these countries.

Mechanical engineering plant in UPB holding was established with the purpose of development of the body of engineers by adding the combined glass, metal and concrete designing with precise metal processing and mechanical engineering elements. Sinergy between various product groups causes gradually increasing added value both in construction and energy projects, as well as allows the development of new geographical markets and product niche markets. Investments of UPB holding in development within the last three years have reached 5 million EUR annually, thus allowing continuation of introduction of new and modern production infrastructure. So far, the holding’s plans in the synergy expansion have been successfully implemented, and UPB is also opened for further development of new entrepreneurship directions, which would allow creation of range of more complicated end products.