Industrial Group UPB launches digital solutions company Alto 4.0

Alto 4.0 is a digital expertise and solutions spin-off of UPB group, which aggregates experience and know-how gained through developing the group’s digital infrastructure. The main focus of Alto 4.0 will be the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles in companies in numerous industries that have complex production and management processes.

"Construction nowadays is one of the least digitalized sectors, its processes are complex, every project is unique and there are many parties involved - architects, engineers, multiple factories, project managers, external partners and others. Five years ago we executed our projects using several isolated systems; organizing the flow of data was a major challenge and information reached business units in a delayed and imprecise manner. Building on experience accumulated over the past 25 years, we have built a digital infrastructure that enables automation, analysis, planning and simulation of the key business processes. We have become convinced in global environment that the solutions we have developed are unique, and other industrial manufacturers, both in construction and other industries, have shown substantial interest," says Dainis Bērziņš, Chairman of UPB Board.

Artificial intelligence and other technologies develop exponentially and business processes become more and more complicated, making it is impossible to arrive at optimal decisions and be competitive without the use of systems, algorithms, data processing and other advanced solutions. The ongoing process of the digitalization of the industry has polarized into two sides: industrial manufacturers with highly industry-specific requirements, and IT developers and distributors, who do not always have a thorough understanding of the needs of the industry. Alto 4.0 digital solutions and services are designed and developed continuously in seamless collaboration with professionals from a wide range of industries, thereby ensuring the often missing link between modern technology and the real business needs.

The core of the Alto 4.0 team will be made up of UPB’s and experienced partner company programmers and system analysts, as well as process development specialists from the fields of engineering, logistics, manufacturing and construction. The company's competitive advantage will be a deep understanding of industrial processes and the capacity to undertake full-cycle digital projects. The primary products offered to the market will be UPB’s own software solutions, which have been developed, implemented and continuously fine-tuned on group’s industrial infrastructure, as well as custom solution to other industrial companies, which build upon the versatile experience of UPB’s team.