Office buildings SORKEDALSVEIEN 8 Oslo, Norway

Office buildings SORKEDALSVEIEN 8 Oslo , Norway

Glass Steel Concrete

The Sorkedalsveien 8 project was an order by Skanska Sverige AB and UPB provided all three structures - steel, prefabricated concrete and glass. Three construction projects are faster, more convenient and more efficient thanks to mutual cooperation without the involvement of other subcontractors. 

The project involved reconstruction of a building located in Oslo, which once served as the main building of Norway's Statoil. After reconstruction, it was divided into two parts - the office building and the apartment building. The project for reconstruction of this building was carried out in close cooperation with the designers of Ramboll (Denmark).

Reconstruction projects are always complex and challenging because it is never possible to predict what lies ahead. This project was filled with challenges as well because the construction standards in the 1980s were not high. The building structures did not match the blueprints in several cases, assembly tolerances had not been adhered to. 

At the time of taking over the project, the building was one whole structure. Dismantling and separation of the existing building took part, particularly during the entire project. The assembly works had to be planned very carefully to immediately replace the removed parts of the building with new structures. 

The geographical location in the very heart of Oslo was a logistical challenge because only one truck carrying building structures could be present at the site, The assembly schedule required careful logistical planning by the assembly supervisors. 

Another challenge was the assembly of apartment building balconies: the balconies were located outside the building site, which complicated the assembly. It took a long time to receive a permit from the owner of the adjacent property to carry out these activities.

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