Office buildings MUNKSJOSTADEN Jönköping, Sweden

Office buildings MUNKSJOSTADEN Jönköping , Sweden

Glass Steel Concrete Machinery

The southern part of the old Munksjö factory located at the centre of Jönköping is developing as an attractive place for trade, offices and apartments. The unique part of this project lies within the project of the three finished steel and prefabricated concrete constructions, as well as glass facades manufactured, supplied and assembled by the company UPB from Latvia.

The useful area of the new and central district of the city Munksjöstaden covers 125 000 m2. Detailed design for phase one has been developed, and there is one in progress for the phase two. At least 105 000 m2 will be allocated for 1500 housing units, while area over 20 000 m2 will be allocated for commercial premises. City development in the southern territory of Lake Munksjö is a part of the city construction vision regarding building strategy including 150 000 residents of Jönköping.

The territory of the old Munksjö factory is now changing into a new part of Jönköping city and will be connected with the city districts Söder and Torpa in the future. With its explicit character, inherited from the development of the historical factory, this industrial territory is becoming a new district and a busy part of the city.