Office buildings EXLENT HYLLIE Malmo, Sweden

Office buildings EXLENT HYLLIE Malmo , Sweden

Steel Concrete

Office complex “eXlent Hyllie” was put into operation In April 2016, in which UPB provided steel and concrete constructions, their production and assembly, as well took responsibility for building design. The building is located in Swedish city district Hyllie in Malmo Municipality, known for the rapid development and remarkable architectural wonders. The total floor area of "EXlent Hyllie" is 7 150 square meters, and the building corresponds to the sustainability assessment method BREEAM, category Excellent, and is recognized as environmentally friendly construction. Construction of the building took place precisely according to the plan, without a delay.

Work carried out by UPB lasted five months, which is a relatively short period for this type of building. The architects intention was to create a building that reminds a ship. To achieve this, it was necessary to design and to incorporate in the construction special overhangs.

Sustainability certificate: