UPB receives Ruban d’Honneur award and becomes one of the Top 10 European companies in the category “Import/Export” of the European Business Awards

UPB is the only Latvian company that has managed to get into the final and received Ruban d’Honneur award in the competition European Business Awards 2014/2015, which is organised already for 8 years. This year a total of 24,000 companies from 33 European countries participated in the competition. Winners of Ruban d’Honneur award were chosen by 132 jury members representing both managers of international companies, former leaders of several countries, and academicians from universities in Europe.

The UPB Holding has been recognised as one of the Top 10 participants in the category “Import/Export”. The objective of this category is to identify those companies that are capable of showing continuous growth in the goods and services import/export, able to expand and conquer new markets and ensure a stable management and development direction through innovative management process aimed at both expanding the sales market and improving the market position.

For the final the best 11 companies, one from each category, will be selected. The winners will be announced in May.

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