UPB holding company AILE group celebrates 20 years

This is a special year for UPB holding company AILE group. 19 May 2014 marked 20 years since the manufacturing of first PVC windows in Liepaja product units in 19 May 1994 and the start of AILE group development.

Today AILE group employs a total of 143 employees and in 2013 its consolidated turnover was over 16,3 million euros. The products designed and manufactured by AILE has been used in construction projects in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, as well as Greece, France and Russia. AILE group started its manufacturing with PVC constructions, but adapting to market demands, consequently increased its production volumes and improved its engineering competence, at the same time expanding the number of its product supply by adding different aluminium and wood - aluminium glazed constructions and insulated glass units. With increasing experience and continuous investments in new engineering solutions and manufacturing technologies AILE has learned to design, produce, deliver and install technically complicated and sizeable glazed structures ranging from simple windows to complicated facade elements. Increasing the number of technologically complicated projects is both an advantage and a challenge for AILE in the future.

During its operations over the last 20 years AILE group has seen many challenges, including a fast growing domestic market that was followed by an economic crisis. However AILE has always followed the newest tendencies both in Europe and worldwide, giving itself a chance to learn, develop and become even more united and, more importantly, professional, with stable goals and vision for the future.

We give thanks to all the current and past AILE employees for the 20 years spent together.

We would also like to thank our partners, clients and colleagues in other UPB holding companies for continued cooperation and trust in helping to achieve our goals.