UPB Energy produces cogeneration module with high acoustic and environmental requirements for hospital in Basel, Switzerland

Last year, several energy projects were realised in Germany, and currently an ambitious project is under way in Basel, Switzerland. Namely, a cogeneration station with 600 kW capacity and high acoustic and environmental requirements is being created for Basel Hospital. The module is going to be placed inside the hospital, and, when operating at full power, the noise it creates within a metre of the station will only be 70 dB, i.e. equal to that of a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher. Considering that Basel is located in a valley with limited air exchange, the amount of emissions created by the cogeneration station has to be as low as possible. UPB has developed an air purification solution; as a result, when the station operates at full power, the amount of emissions will be lower than that of a small diesel car.