UPB created video to participate in prestigious European Business Awards

UPB Holding, which became the Latvian winner of the prestigious “European Business Awards 2014/2015” (EBA) in the category “Import/Export”, continues its way through the European competition’s final stage where the company will be evaluated by in-depth information on the company and a special video presentation, which is also available on the “European Business Awards 2014/2015” webpage.

Participants will be assessed by a jury consisting of more than 150 professionals from Europe representing various fields and spheres. The jury will have to find 100 companies that will receive the title of Ruban d’Honneur. Out of these 100 winners, ten companies that are the best in their specific category will present their companies to five jury members and fight for the title of the best company in Europe in the particular category.

Parallel to the previously described jury evaluation, all the interested ones have a possibility to vote for participants’ videos starting from 6 January 2015. Company that receives the most votes will be awarded the National Champion of its country, and all the National Champions will fight for the one and only title of European Public Champion in the next voting round.

You can vote for the UPB Holding’s video here: http://www.businessawardseurope.com/vote/detail/latvia/10914
“European Business Awards” webpage: http://www.businessawardseurope.com/