On May 31 the grand opening of the Vidzeme Music and Culture Centre „Cēsis” built by UPB was celebrated with a magnificent concert.

The new Vidzeme concert hall holds UPB holdings contemporary art collection for public view until September.

The Vidzeme concert hall in Cesis was designed by the architect Juris Poga and its main contractor is UPB holding. The project begun in July 2011 and was finished in April of this year. The costs of the project were covered by European Regional Development fund in total of 7 336 964 LVL and it was co-financed by Cesis municipality with 1 666 266 LVL as well as by the state budget in total of 286 584 LVL.

The concert halls large auditorium holds 805 seats, 300 of which are in the balcony. There is also a chamber hall with 100 seats, organ hall with 100 seats and the small cinema and theatre hall with 100 seats. The newly opened building also holds an exhibition hall – Sunset hall on the 6th floor with a panoramic view of the city. Alfreds Kalnins Cesis Secondary Music School and the Cesis region amateur art collectives are using the centre for their activities.