Concrete quality indicators of MB Group pass the highest conditions in Europe

Concrete quality indicator is one of the most significant factors determining the common resistance and sustainability of the structure within any kind of construction works. MB Group separates two main groups of concrete products — reinforced concrete and ready-mixed concrete. Production of concrete is based on at least five ingredients the variation of which can lead to a very wide range of final products with varied strength, deformation ability, wear, freeze resistance and other indicators. The biggest challenge is chemical-mineral composition of the fine and rough fillers varying among quarries and able to change within a couple of cubic meters thus changing also the properties of the final product.

In Latvia concrete producers are obliged to carry out sample analysis of the ready products in a certified laboratory in order to keep the certificate of concrete producer. MB Group has its own laboratories in the reinforced concrete plants, as well as one of the few accredited quality laboratories nationwide “Concrete research centre” (“Betona pētījumu centrs”). Along with the officially determined concrete tests MB Group has been applying additional quality control and improvement system for six years. This system includes monthly tests of all 12 concrete producing structural units for the precision of fulfilling technical parameters of certain concrete class. This system has been introduced by the head of the “Concrete research centre”, experienced professional, doctor of engineering sciences Dr. sc. ing. Aleksandrs Čučujevs: “Control of the concrete strength conformity and composition precision promotes both improvement of the common quality of products and leads to economy of the most valuable component — cement. Heads of our producing structural units take this system for granted, and I am satisfied that fulfilment of the quality conditions according to the highest standards is an integral part of the everyday work in the plants of MB Group.” The created system promotes also internal competition among the companies of MB Group. Once a year we determine the winning structural unit showing the best results, and the winner of this year is the plant “Dzelzsbetons MB” located in Liepāja.

Currently the reinforced concrete structures produced by MB Group are demanded in Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Iceland, where the high rating by customers is based on quality indicators and successfully organised chain of designing — production — supply — assembly.

MB Group was founded in 1998 and currently includes 10 ready-mixed concrete plants all over Latvia, the plant “Dzelzsbetons MB” located in Liepāja, quarries of inert materials in Liepāja, Līgatne, and Daugavpils, as well as the accredited concrete quality laboratory “Concrete research centre”.