Dainis Bērziņš

Chairman of the UPB Management Board

Dainis Bērziņš started his work at UPB group in 2007, working as the financial director at AILE Group. After a year, he became a member of the AILE Group board and from 2012, he became the chairman of the board. Alongside his work at the AILE Group board, D. Bērziņš was also entrusted with the position of chairman of the board at UPB Energy from 2010. In 2015, he became the chairman of the UPB group board.

Fellow colleagues describe Dainis as a visionary, balanced and fair leader who sets high goals and achieves them through relentless work.

His professional career began in 2001 as an economist at SIA Ventspils Reiss. From 2003, he gained extensive experience as an auditor and financial consultant working at SIA Ernst & Young.

D. Bērziņš studied at Ventspils University College, where he obtained a bachelor's degree with a specialization in finance and logistics management. He also obtained a master's degree from Ventspils University College. In addition, he gained advanced knowledge in the areas of global auditing, transactions, European Union taxation, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).