Uģis Grīnbergs

Member of the UPB Management board

Uģis Grīnbergs joined UPB Group in 2001, working as a project manager and director of export projects at RK Metāls. From 2006, he led the group's export department. He has been involved in UPB's business expansion and market penetration in export markets, as well as the establishment and management of UPB's foreign subsidiaries in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In 2015 he became a member of UPB Management board. Previously he gained his experience in several construction-related companies in Latvia and Lithuania, working as a construction manager, later as a project director, and as a company executive, acquiring practical skills for work in foreign markets.

Colleagues describe Uģis as an energetic and progressive leader with the ability to unite the team towards achieving common goals.

U. Grīnbergs graduated from Riga Construction College with a degree in architecture and civil engineering. He has also qualifications in project management and the basics at the Latvian Business School and Riga Law School, as well as international project management courses at the Munich Management Academy. Through managing extensive projects in Scandinavia and Europe, U. Grīnbergs has gained understanding and practical experience in foreign construction legislation, financial systems, taxation, and legal matters.

Language knowledge: Latvian, Russian, English