Social investments

In caring for society and the environment in which we live, UPB supports youth education, cultural events and sports activities. Together with cooperation partners we develop society and give opportunities for new talents to flourish. It is our pride and joy to support them.


Youth is our future, which we see and appreciate every day. To support youth's desire to learn, UPB established a scholarship fund in 2002. Its goal is to encourage the advancement of the educational level of school and university students by providing the required funding for university or professional education in Latvia and abroad.

We actively support young people’s desire to gain practical skills through tours of our facilities, hosting annual work shadowing days, involving students in research projects and providing internships. The number of young interns at various departments increases with each year. Interns work alongside employees of UPB on actual projects. Students have the opportunity to gain extensive insight into the construction industry and learn from the experience of UPB, while we value their suggestions and feedback about our work.


UPB has its own art collection - UPB ART, based on emotional components. This collection is essentially the extension of our heart – how we subjectively perceive the world, how we see the values created by our contemporaries. UPB ART currently has more than 80 works of art created by popular Latvian artists. The collection items are naturally integrated in the company philosophy, spatial environment, production setting, premises and offices.

UPB supports various cultural events. We appreciate the spiritual, intellectual and emotional contribution of art that enables the growth of personality of the artist as well as the beholder.


An active lifestyle is a prerequisite for well-being, especially if it also contributes to the further development of talent. UPB support sports activities in the community and for employees. Our support focuses on team sports because teamwork makes it possible to achieve the best result. This is coincidentally how we see the development of UPB – all success is achieved by working as a team.

UPB has its own powerboat team, which gives young people the opportunity to develop mechanical knowledge. The team pilots have become world champions in their boat class five times already.