• UPB is an industrial holding with more than 30 years of successful experience in both Latvian and foreign markets

UPB Group

UPB group incorporates more than 20 companies, that unite various business lines – engineering, production of glass, steel and concrete structures, general construction, as well as energy and machinery solutions. Main advantage of UPB group is the ability to offer integrated solutions for construction and production industries that benefits from the versatile knowledge and wide experience of our specialists.  





MB Grupa is one of the leading prefabricated concrete product manufacturers in the Baltic region that provides a full cycle of prefabricated concrete manufacturing – from engineering and manufacturing to delivery and assembly on site. 



Dzelzsbetons MB specializes in production of prefabricated concrete structures and innovative concrete products - GRC, UHPC and graphic concrete.



Transportbetons MB is the largest ready-mixed concrete producer in Latvia and offers ready-mixed concrete services in Latvia and Sweden.



Inerto Materiālu Serviss (IMS) provides the components for prefabricated concrete production - gravel, sand, pebbles and flinders. IMS also provides recycling, sorting of environment-friendly construction waste.



Concrete research center (Betona Pētījumu Centrs) is an accredited laboratory whose competency is physical and mechanical testing of mineral construction materials and new product development.




Aile Grupa is one of the largest producers of glass and aluminum structures in the Baltic States.




Stiklu centrs specializes in the production of insulated glass units and structural glazing.




RK Metāls is one of the largest manufacturers of steel building structures in the Baltics, that provides design, production, delivery, and assembly.




RK Machinery offers machinery solutions and precise steel processing.




 UPB Energy specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining nature-friendly energy technology devices, i.e cogeneration and trigeneration plants.





UPB Nams is one of the leading building companies in Latvia with wide experience in construction of industrial buildings.



GROTTA provides general construction services with specialization in reconstruction projects.



ENNA is a management company that ensures efficient operation of engineering systems, monitors them, and performs comprehensive and transparent maintenance.



Būvmehanizācija ensures installation of underground communications, construction of main heating mains and gas pipelines and other groundworks.





UPB Projekti is a full-cycle design company that offers construction consultations, development of concepts for territories and production plants, as well as full-cycle designing and author’s supervision for all components of the construction design.



Engineering bureau "Būve un Forma" offers development of building construction projects and engineering systems, as well as construction project management.



UPB engineering office in Lithuania.