The best glazed project in Sweden - built by UPB

The office building built by UPB has been recognized as the best glass building in the prestigious Swedish construction competition Glaspriset 2020. This is UPB so called 3 construction project where we provided glass, steel and concrete structures.

The architects idea was for building to “grow out of the earth’’. This is why the build­ing has a complicated and symbolic facade with gradual color transition. The special effect was gained through silk print technology for the glass, with a special pattern printed on it.

The design of the glass elements for the facade was one of the greatest challenges in the project, because attention had to be concentrated both on the durability of the facade, as well as the patterns and the col­ors of the glass elements. Considering that ceramic-added colors on the glass change its initial tone, a lot of work was invested in creating new models and coordinating with the architects to achieve the gradual transi­tion from one floor to another.

The project has been a suc­cess both in design and project management, and the key to success is a strong and experienced team, that in this case secured the wanted goals.

Glaspriset is a competition where the best glass buildings in Sweden has been evaluated. The award is given every two years, and the best building is determined by evaluating three conditions - architecture, functionality and innovation. The Glaspriset jury consists of experts in the field of glass facades.


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