“Preses Nama Kvartāls” will be a sustainable environment for business, education, and innovation in Riga's Central District

A capsule ceremony was held in the construction site of emerging Business Centre “Preses Nama Kvartāls”. On 12th August 2021, a proclamation describing the history and future hopes and ideas for Riga were embedded in the buildings' foundation for future generations. Lords LB Special Fund V, the developers of “Preses Nama Kvartāls”, point out that the Business Centre will provide a suitable environment for businesses, technology, and educational institutions. Undoubtedly, it will become a popular destination to visitors and a cherished addition to the local community.

A variety of guests and speakers took part in the ceremony. Among them was Deputy Mayor of Riga Vilnis Ķirsis, Deputy Director at Investment and Development Agency of Latvia Reinis Āzis, representatives of Lords LB Asset Management Giedrius Bernotas and Aivaras Abromavičius, Member of the Board Uģis Grīnbergs from UPB AS and Head of ARHIS ARHITEKTI Andris Kronbergs. Architects Raimonds Saulītis and Ricardo Paternina and former media members that once called the historical Preses Nams building their workplace and other guests were also in attendance.

Jānis Vitenbergs, ​​the Minister of Economics, emphasizes the critical role of sustainable projects in Latvia's economy: "Preses Nama Kvartāls will be the place where crucial members of our society will come together - businessman with their innovation, creative and purpose-driven students, emerging scientists, supporters of a green and sustainable lifestyle, citizens and visitors of Riga. We see that emerging businesses are becoming increasingly more considerate of their employees' well-being and synergy with the surrounding environment and community. Latvia has to pursue a "greener" way of thinking and sustainable solutions by supporting practical plans to revitalize areas with great potential to host an environment for innovation, education and science. Imaginative projects demonstrate maturity and benefit the Latvian business environment as a whole."

Following the latest trends, the entire territory of “Preses Nams Kvartāls” will adapt to its employees, residents, and visitors green and active lifestyles. Special attention will be paid to the buildings' energy efficiency, the use of sustainable, nature-friendly building materials, and the creation of a healthy and accessible environment.

Aivaras Abromavičius, a representative of the developer "Lords LB Special Fund V", shares their long-term vision. "By gradually restoring existing values and adding innovative ones, we will make “Preses Nama Kvartāls” the largest office complex in the Baltics with significant added value. We want to create a modern meeting platform for business sectors with future specialists and comfortable, pleasant space for those who value quality time after their daily work responsibilities. Therefore, we will create a new, modern Riga with an innovative infrastructure that is accessible to people with different lifestyles and means of transportation."

Designed by the renowned Danish architectural firm Arrow, the 25,000-square-meter Class A Business Centre will be built according to the highest principles of BREEAM Excellent standards, and it will be a Near Zero Energy building, with workplaces for at least 2,500 people and innovative concept co-working spaces. The business quarter will also have a multifunctional centre of 40,000 square meters with the first football pitch in the Baltics on the roof of the building, green terraces, public recreation areas and a children's playground.

Deputy Mayor of Riga Vilnis Ķirsis emphasizes the importance of quality education in developing the capital. "The Knowledge Mile in Pārdaugava is a great platform where businesses and specialists can combine innovative ideas with entrepreneurial experience and resources. Historically, the Press House was a symbol of critical thinking and curiosity. By transforming the entire quarter into an easily and quickly accessible, as well as functional and pleasant environment for every visitor, it could become a great example of a sustainable and cooperative business not only in the context of Riga or Latvia but also in the Baltics."

The design of the second phase of the project, "Preses Nama Kvartāls", was started, entrusting the development of the construction project of the educational institution to "ARHIS ARHITEKTI". The Danish architectural firm "PLH Arhitekter" will implement the office building project. At the end of next year, in 2022, the second stage of construction of “Preses Nama Kvartāls” will start.


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