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UPB has been designing, producing, and installing bespoke glazed and aluminium curtain wall systems for almost 30 years. During this time our specialists have gained extensive knowledge and experience in façade design thus allowing us to provide the best solutions for our clients with both standardized and custom-made glass façades. With our know-how and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to create truly timeless façades.




Unitized aluminium façade (also called unitized curtain wall or element façade) is a modular façade system that is produced off-site in a factory where the highest quality and environmental requirements are met.

It is especially significant in urban areas and narrow construction sites – off-site construction can serve as a major privilege and ensure more efficient construction process. It means that most of the technologically complex processes are carried out at our production plants, thus reducing the share of work on the construction site, and ensuring a swift and safe installation process. Produced façade units are delivered directly to the site for installation.

See the example of Natrium building in Sweden, Gothenburg, where we produced more than 500 units, including complex curved walls.



Unitized facades are widely used in modern architecture as they allow to effectively combine various components and materials in a single element. With UPB’s bespoke glazed aluminium solutions we can bring the architectural vision to reality. 

To get a unique façade appearance, different cladding systems can be easily added to aluminium façades:

As a part of cooperation, we can provide a visual mock-up and/or performance mock-up to ensure that all of the architectural and structural requirements are met.



UPB is always open to new ideas and challenges. Our team of experts can assist with design directions, development of alternative solutions and value engineering.

We have the experience to help unify owners, architects, general contractors, and engineers to find the best solution for all involved parties.

Also, in cooperation with our prefabricated concrete units, we are able to provide various hybrid solutions where precast concrete or GRC (glass-reinforced concrete) structures are combined with glazed structures.



If you happen to be in London near Farringdon station, you may notice our spectacular Terracotta facade for Bloom Clerkenwell. In Gothenburg, Sweden you can’t miss the 104-meter tall Clarion Hotel Draken with our glazed aluminium facade. Or, when visiting Copenhagen, Denmark make sure you pass by the impressive element façade of the Carlsberg office building. These are just a few of our most memorable facades.

See more of our reference projects here.



UPB’s glazed aluminium production complex is located in Liepāja, Latvia with a total production area of 8000 m2.  It has easy access to harbor and highways, so we can ensure safe and fast logistics to Europe and Scandinavian countries.

In manufacturing, we use equipment and materials from recognized companies such as Schuco, Lisec, Pankoke, Wicona, Guardian etc., thus ensuring a high quality of our products.

Continuous development is an important part of our organizational goals, so we keep on investing in new technologies to broaden our production capabilities and to facilitate the daily work of our employees.


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