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Precast concrete structures

UPB is one of the leading prefabricated concrete product manufacturers in the Baltic region. Our deep knowledge in the concrete products combined with our experience in the construction industry allows us to offer precast concrete structures with higher added value.

We provide a full cycle of prefabricated concrete manufacturing – from engineering and manufacturing till delivery and assembly on site.

Over the last years we have grew our expertise in high rise buildings. We are able to provide prefabricated concrete solutions for up to 40 floors.

See our latest reference objects here.


Concrete walls

UPB offers precast concrete façade walls with different decorative finishes such as formliners, bricks or tiles. This solution is suitable for creating historical brick facade impression.

During the manufacturing process, most of the work is done in our production facility, so we are able to deliver more finished products to our customers, thus reducing the share of works and the time spent on them on the construction site.


Benefits of concrete walls:

  • Available in different sizes and thickness
  • Manufactured in controlled environment
  • Faster assembly process
  • Less storage space on site


UHPC concrete

When it comes to challenging interior and exterior designs, ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) is a good choice. With UHPC it’s possible to produce lighter structures, while maintaining durability and sustainability.

UHPC is here for slim walls, stairs and balconies and other structures.

Benefits of UHPC concrete:

  • Lighter structures and easier handling
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased lifespan for the structure


GRC concrete

Architectural designs keep getting more complex and challenging. Our answer to these complex solutions is glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC). With GRC concrete it's possible to create unique facade shapes and textures. Thanks to our Concrete research center specialists we are able to offer GRC concrete in wide color and texture specter.

Benefits of GRC concrete:

  • Reduced complexity and element weight
  • Material savings on superstructure and foundation
  • Reduced transportation costs and co2 emissions

 We are a member of International Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association.


See the video and learn more about GRC production at UPB here





Graphic concrete

A picture, pattern, or a storyline on the surface of prefabricated concrete structures. Sounds impossible? We can make it happen with the Graphic concrete!

Graphic concrete is usually used for museums, schools, or public buildings, but can be used almost everywhere – the limit is your imagination.

Benefits of the graphic concrete:

  • Possibility to make large custom-made images
  • Keeps all prefabricated concrete characteristics
  • Does not require additional time or manpower for assembly at the construction sites
  • Does not need special maintenance
  • Wide pallet of façade tones


Hybrid elements

Sometimes one solution is not enough. For more challenging and complex projects we can offer different types of hybrid elements:

  • GRC concrete mixed with prefabricated concrete.
  • Prefabricated concrete integrated with metal, glazed or timber (wooden) structures.
  • Other custom made solutions developed in our Concrete research center.

Our new production plant is designed with focus on production of these type of elements.

Learn more about our latest hybrid element solution for a project in London here.


Production plants

We have 4 production plants in Latvia. Our main production plant is located in Liepāja, and it has an easy access to harbor and highways, so we can ensure safe and fast logistics to Europe.

Our newest prefabricated concrete production facility in Liepaja was opened in 2021. The creation of the new plant and the modernization of the existing infrastructure allow us to offer products with even higher added value.



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