• Glass, steel and concrete structures under a single contract and single responsibility

Combined Facade & Frame solution

prefabricated concrete structures
steel structures
various glazed aluminium structures

If you would ask us, is there a way how to build faster and more effective? Our answer would be – Yes! With our 3 construction (3C) concept it’s possible!

3C offers a combined solution of glass, steel and concrete structures. It allows to save time, money and energy that is spent by communicating with multiple contractors, as the whole responsibility relies on one company.

Our specialists from various UPB business lines have worked together to develop this concept. The versatile knowledge of our team combined with more than 30 years of experience in production and construction industries has led UPB to creating the 3C solution to help our Clients with simplifying the project process.



 3C provides faster and more effective construction process, as it allows simultaneous frame and façade assembly (see the video).

This not only saves time but also ensures:

  • Coordinated construction process
  • Efficient use of construction machinery
  • Proactive clash avoidance
  • Precise execution of deadline


Clarion Hotel Draken in Gothenburg is a great example of how the frame and facade are being assembled on the same level.



With 3C solution, we take on full responsibility for the entire process, starting from design to production and assembly of all 3 structures (glass, steel, concrete).

It takes a load off client’s shoulders, as there is no need for long e-mail conversations between frame and facade contractors to match schedules or deal with other questions – all is solved internally with no significant engagement of general contractor.



We work safely or do not work at all. Work safety is a crucial part of our organizations' culture.  Our core principle is to manage processes and risks with a high sentence of responsibility.

In the 3C concept, our engineers work together to make a safe and efficient working enviroment for the whole assembly process.




Since 2016, when we started to work with the 3C concept, we have already finished more than 20 projects. Throughout these years our clients like Skanska, Akademiska HUS, PEAB have appreciated the benefits that have been brought in by 3C concept.

See our reference objects here.



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