• Innovative synergy products

    In the creation of new products, expertise from different trends of UPB business activities are united

  • Innovative synergy products


Innovative synergy products

Multiple products and services combined projects with added value

UPB Group includes several companies, each with its own strong competency and expertise in the manufacturing of products such as glass structures, prefabricated concrete structures, steel structures, mechanical engineering solutions and energy solutions. The products are supplemented with a range of professional services - architecture, building design, general construction, technological service. The UPB philosophy is based on sustainable development; thus, in the creation of new products, expertise from different trends of UPB business activities are united. This synergy between the teams allows one to create new ideas and new products, where the best knowledge from all areas of UPB competency is used.


Industrial turnkey projects


Industrial turnkey projects unite almost all competencies of UPB Group – the Design&Build principle, which includes design performed by UPB for the initial project, building structures and technologies, manufacturing of building structures at UPB plants, the construction process, as well as the creation, testing and adjustment of technologies. In such projects, the customer entrusts the entire cycle to UPB and, upon completion of the cooperation, receives the keys from the fully functional facility.


Motorised facade


Motorised facade is a product where the best practice in machine building and glass structures is united. Such solution is architectonically attractive, functional and, in a closed position, meets all requirements to the window insulation - moisture, sound and energy efficiency.


Explosion resistant container


Explosion resistant container is a product, which is created through the cooperation of steel structure, mechanical engineering and energy specialists. Such a product is appropriate for oil and gas platforms and other high-risk sites.


Building assembly without welding on site


Projects, where assembly is performed without welding, unite the best practice of UPB engineers, building structure plants and installation groups. Usually, such projects are sports and recreational centres - swimming pools, water parks, baths, spas, where requirements to corrosion resistance are very high, and, thus, welding during the installation process is not allowed. Such solutions are a big challenge, as their elements require much more accuracy and an untraditional approach. Such facilities not only have a complex geometry, but also steel structures alternating with prefabricated concrete structures. One must precisely and accurately connect these different materials, as well as simultaneously coordinate all involved design and installation groups.


Prefab concrete elements with built-in windows and doors


Prefab concrete elements with built-in windows and doors unite the competency of glass, steel and prefabricated concrete structure engineers, project managers and manufacturers. The assembly of glass structures in one element takes place at the factory, thus ensuring higher quality of the product than that which can be achieved when assembling each component on site.


Prefab concrete elements with exterior finishing


By uniting the company’s expertise with the requirements of the customer, UPB is capable of providing wall elements with brick imitation, tile finish or other exterior finishing materials, thus supplying ready elements to the construction site. This solution can be supplemented with built-in aluminium windows and doors.


Translucent concrete


Translucent concrete is a solution developed when researching and developing manufacturing capabilities for technically complex products. One of them is concrete, which transmits a light beam with the help of optical fibres, while at the same time not losing concrete strength indicators. The product appeared through cooperation between engineers, the research and development department and the prefab concrete factory.


Innovative energy projects


Innovative energy projects unite UPB competencies in the field of energy, mechanical engineering solutions and construction. Alternative energy options is an area we would like to develop further. We have been participating in the world’s first geothermal gas extraction and processing project in Croatia.


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