• Design and Consultancy Services

    We provide Consultancy Services supporting our Clients throughout the project

  • Design and Consultancy Services

    Our experience spans in multiple sectors and our solutions can be implemented with any other builder or manufacturer

Design and Consultancy Services

Complex building detail designs
Innovative solutions
Technical support throughout design and construction phase
Sustainable and economic solutions
Project management and optimization

UPB has extensive experience in Structural Engineering Design and we are experts in prefabricated Concrete, Steel and Glass structures. We have 30 years of Construction Industry knowledge and we seek solutions that achieve our clients’ aspirations. Our Design and Consultancy Services cover every stage, from conceptual to detailed design and construction management. Our team of engineers cover projects of a wide range, both in size and type.



UPB have over 150 professional Engineers and enterprises in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

We have vast experience working on projects in Europe. Over the last five years we have successfully completed more than 230 construction projects of various complexity levels. Projects range from 28 storey high rise buildings to multi-storey underground car parks, and to development and execution of very complex facade solutions.

UPB Design and Consultancy Services benefit from wealth of knowledge and experience brought in by UPB division which undertakes manufacturing and assembling of prefabricated Concrete, Steel and Glass structures as well as our huge experience as a Main Contractor over the years.
We have a research and development minded team and our highly qualified, talented people are responsible for the successful delivery of services on a number of award-winning projects.



We design Structural Frame Systems, Foundations and provide Consultancy Services supporting our Clients throughout the project. Our experience spans in multiple sectors and our solutions can be applied for implementation with any other builder or manufacturer.

Our structural engineering team can manage any stage of the design. Our team of expert Engineers and Estimators can assist with designs and offer advice or alternative solutions which can optimise time efficiencies, bring cost savings, improve site safety and reduce carbon footprint without compromising overall design.



  • Design of Structural Systems
  • Design of Foundations
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Design Project Supervision
  • BIM Modelling



  • Cost Estimation
  • Development of Alternative Solutions for Structural Systems
  • Development of Structural Details
  • Solutions for Structural Member Geometry
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Documentations


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