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UPB prefabricated buildings represent a special offer for real estate developers. They are high quality prefabricated concrete structures perfectly applicable in construction of residential buildings ensuring a fast-moving development of customers’ business and exclusive advantages in the market.


Currently UPB offers two fully developed  and completed designs of standard multi-apartment buildings with a complete package of technical and technological documentation:


multi-apartment buildings (5 to 9 storeys), different numbers of sections available
low-rise apartment buildings (up to 4 storeys)


The building plans contain all the required engineering communications and ports. Customers can choose between  complete and incomplete finishing of homes.


A number of successful projects have been implementing by making use of prefabricated concrete elements manufactured by DZELZSBETONS MB: the multi-storey set of buildings in Ogre (city in Latvia) and the low-rise apartment building in Liepāja.





- a prefabricated concrete elements building may be erected approximately 2 times faster compared with bricked constructions

Economy of resources

- approximately 3 times fewer construction workers needed than in the case of the bricked buildings


Independence of weather conditions

- construction work is possible all the year round

 Modern technologies and quality


- the prefabricated concrete elements are produced at DZELZSBETONS MB production unit of UPB in Liepāja which is the most modern of its kind in Baltic states

- their production makes use of technologies virtually excluding the possibility of errors and providing high geometrical precision of elements.

- the production process follows the strictest possible quality standards and the company has received certificates of all the required quality and production process cont rol standards like ISO etc.


Parameters of prefabricated concrete elements for UPB standard apartment building projects


Parameters Multi-apartment buildings Low-rise apartment buildings
Standard wall panel height 2600 mm 3000 mm
Maximum covering panel depth 230 mm 265 mm
Maximum covering panel length 7300 mm 8850 mm
Inner wall depth 200 mm 150+50+150 mm
Outer wall depth 150 mm 150 mm


Additional options provided by prefabricated concrete elements:


- panels allow embedding of any installations essentially facilitating and speeding up their assembly
- diversity of solutions for façades
- diversity of geometric forms of panels
- different depths of the same panel possible customised to each project
- metal-smooth surface of panels; no need of polishing before finishing


Wide range of architectural solutions


Prefabricated concrete elements can be produced and supplied also according to a customer’s design


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