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Steel structures and machinery solutions are offered by UPB AS structural unit RK METĀLS group, which is a major manufacturer of steel building structures in the Baltic States. Yearly manufacturing capacity makes up 10 200t of ready-made steel building structures depending on the type of manufactured structures.
The company applies recognized, state-of-the-art European know-how and equipment: high precision steel processing equipment, steel cleansing with pellets, painting of the structures at high pressure in a vacuum chamber, plasma cutting equipment, multi-dimensional robotized metal profile processing machines, CNC laser machines, hidraulic bending presses, 3D coordinate measurement device etc.

Control of structure joints, dimensions and anti-corrosion quality control is performed pursuant to the EU standard requirements. Manufacture of structures involves only certified materials, the origin and quality of which are documented. Material durability is randomly tested in a certified laboratory. 


According to the requirements of standards a quality control department operates within the company. Quality control system is being maintained and integrated in the entire production cycle from design to delivery of structures. It is linked with the production process, keeping us constantly informed on the status of each currently produced structure, as well as the performed quality and compliance with the requirements set.


Automated design technologies

Designing of structures takes place under the guidance of certified construction engineers, by applying widely known and recognized European automated design programmes. RK METĀLS qualified team of engineers works with the up-to-date computerized design systems: all the design work, calculations and pre-production processes are carried out in the digital environment using CAD, CAE and CAM software, thus increasing efficiency and product quality.




Steel structures and steel design, machinery solutions, designing, production, delivery and assembly. Combination with wood, glass and aluminium.

Constructional steel

- design of residential houses, public and industrial buildings and structures (limitations of dimensions and weight due to transporting considerations only)
- design of steel structures, production and assembly of steel structures
- containers of various dimensions and application for oil and gas extraction companies

- separate variety of building constructions – handrail of various kind – both industrial, and custom-designed, made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Machinery solutions


- motorized facades

- hydraulic grabs and sorters

- automation of the production process control systems

- automation of the production of unique equipment and machines

- components of cogeneration (CHP) modules

- containers of non-standart dimensions for the oil platforms, frames of technology modules

- crane solutions

- decorative facades and elements

- different types of components

- detail production after request (from drawings and specifications)



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