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Glazed structures are offered by UPB AS structural unit - AILE group, which a leading and the largest window, door and glazed structure manufacturing company in Latvia and throughout the Baltic countries.
The companys top production standards and quality management system comply with the international requirements which are proved by the European Union certificates.


AILE grupa offers complex solutions from A to Z - design, production, delivery, and assembly taking into consideration both wishes of the customer, and functionality of structures. Previous work experience allows us implementing varied architectural solutions.


- windows with  high sound insulation

- all possible opening mechanisms
- anti-theft windows
- electrically heated windows
- energy efficient windows


Production capacity of aluminium glazed structures - 144 00 m2 per year
Production capacity of insulating glass units - 400 000 m2 per year


Manufacturing process is certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and guarantees provided by the company comply with the real experience and European practice.






Aluminium being light, durable and visually unobtrusive and safe material is a perfect skeleton for various, visually fragile glass buildings. Aile group manufactures the whole range of aluminium profile system products, such as aluminium structure windows, doors, facades, winter gardens, interior partition walls.


Advantages of aluminium structures:


- architecturally attractive
- high energy efficiency
- highly resistant to the adverse impact of weather conditions
- no special maintenance required
- long lifetime
- 100% recyclable material
- more than 200 colours and various types of anodizing are available


Aluminium / wood

The combination of two totally different materials yields a new structure, which enables to apply new technological solutions for the designing and construction of buildings.
The core element of the structure is wood, which provides high heat insulation, grants a structure naturalness and cosiness indoors. The principal purpose of aluminium is to protect wood from environmental effects: wind, rain and snow, which is essential. In addition to it, construction safety is increased. The structures aluminium parts are available in over 200 colours (in accordance with RAL catalogue), while wooden parts are available in all colours offered by RAL catalogue. Wooden parts of the structures are also available with varnish coating, to achieve the condition that wood does not lose natural attractiveness. Wooden parts are processed with water-based paints and varnishes, providing an environment-friendly product. In order to achieve maximum heat-insulation and visual effect, various glass combinations are possible.



State-of-the-art technologies and the precision of engineering technical calculation enables glass not only to finely integrate into a window frame, but also to become the building facades main delimiting material and visual element. Besides, it offers unprecedented durability and attractiveness of its appearance. AILE group has mastered a complicated glass structure design and construction skills, thanks to which it is able to create fine glass architecture objects. We offer solutions starting with glass insulated units, all-glass structures; the simplest technical units for buildings external structural glass facades to atrium curved glass surface indoors and other complicated glazed structures.


- energy saving (efficiency)
- thermal insulation (heat insulation)
- solar control
- thermal safety
- fire protection
- sound insulation
- design solutions with decorative glass


More detailed information on producers STIKLU CENTRS (GLASS CENTRE) website

Special solutions


- motorized facades

- large scale glazed structures

- specialized sliding systems

- various size and type glazed roof structures and domes

- glass structures without frame

- structural glazing

- curved glass structures

- glass floors

- heated glass sctructures

- various individual solutions (glass roofs, winter gardens)

- fireproof glazed structures

- windows with high sound insulation properties

- internal partition walls of the building, handrails, balconies

- individual solutions upon request



Raw material suppliers are Europes well-known and experienced companies such as Schüco (aluminium profiles), Wicona (aluminium profiles), Guardian and Euroglass (glass), DORMA (all-glass fittings), Siegenia, GU, Roto (window fittings), LIF (polysulfides), KFV, GU (door locks) and other suppliers to customer satisfaction. All raw material suppliers are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.



More detailed information on producers AILE Group website