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Prefabricated concrete products are offered by UPB AS structural unit MB BETONS group, which has been Latvias largest concrete and prefabricated concrete producer several years in succession. Prefabricated concrete, ready-mix concrete, inert materials, building refuse processing, concrete research centre. Concrete research centre laboratory conducts concrete tests to verify that the material complies with the international standards.
The company top production standards and quality management system complies with the international requirements, which is proved by the appropriate European Union certificates.


MB BETONS group prefabricated concrete factories are based in Liepāja and Daugavpils. Location of Liepāja factory is especially convenient, since Liepāja port is located nearby thus facilitating transportation of export products, while Daugavpils factory is strategically placed at the junction of the railway line.
Production units are equipped with modern quality control laboratories, as well as maintain cooperation with the concrete control provider - Concrete research center.
Output per year of prefabricated concrete production facilities:

Tips Liepāja Daugavpils
Wall panels 12 000 m2 3 400 m2
Column walls 450 m2 450 m2
Covering panels 12 000 m2 7 900 m2
Stair spans 40 m3 10 m3



SIA Dzelzsbetons MB designs, produces and supplies the following constructions:
- Pre-tensioned hollow core slabs of the following maximum length at the load carrying capacity 4 kN/m2


HCS 200 8.00 m
HCS 220 8.30 m
HCS 265 12.00 m
HCS 320 14.00 m
HCS 380 15.50 m
HCS 400 16.00 m
HCS 500 18.00 m

- Single layer wall panels of various thickness and configuration with the maximum dimensions HxL 4.5 m x 12.0 m;

- Three layer wall panels of various thickness and configuration with the maximum dimensions  HxL 4.5 m x 12.0 m;

- R, T and L type pre-tensioned and non-tensioned beams. Maximum width of beams - 1.00 m, height and length depends on the required load carrying capacity of the beam;

- Angular and round columns of various cross-section, maximum width of angular columns is 1.00 m, height and length of columns depends on the required load carrying capacity of the column;

- Straight and bent stair spans. Maximum width of straight stair spans is 2.00 m, maximum possible number of steps - 18. (Bent stair spans are being produced upon individual design);

- Well foundations, well-curbs and covers with diameter 0.70 m; 1.00 m; 1.50 m; 2.00 m; 3.00 m;

- Foundation elements of various configurations.



More detailed information on producers MB BETONS Group website