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UPB AS structural unit RK METĀLS Group being one of the largest metal building structures manufacturers in the Baltic States, under the German licence of the company HOWAL GmbH manufactures and supplies the broadest range of concrete formwork systems: HOWAL formwork systems PRIMUS are characterised by high quality and diverse application. By combining HOWAL and technological competence with RK Metāls Group’s plant network geographical location, there emerge new opportunities for a broader market.

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The following products are offered for the export market:


PRIMUS tilting and vibration tables for the manufacture of all types of large surface panels and overhead wall elements.
Advantages of the product: unique solution of torsion-free centre-profile, distinguished by its homogenous packing;
reduction of the noise level thanks to console beam structure narrowed towards the outside.
Available with polished steel coating or as a frame if the customer wants to create a cover with wood.
maximum tilting angle 80° with the maximum stopping of cylinder.
Additional security device against tilting over with the mechanical stopping feature.
Vibrators on the central profile enable homogenous packing. Tilting process without independent of the asymmetrical load.


Technical parameters:


A formwork of polished steel sheets, widths 8 mm (313C), 10 mm (391") are possible.
Maximum load: 7,5 kN/m² (for larger loads - upon request)
Available with fixed or height adjustable side sections.

Available with a removable steel three-corner ledges at edge sections
as well as with PVC foundations, which can be fixed at the formwork edges.
Possible combinations: two separate tables should be combined with removable joint parts.
Standard table widths / formwork widths:
3.00 m (9` - 10"); 3.50 m (11` - 5"); 4.00 m (13` - 1"); 4.50 m (14` - 9")
Standard table lengths / formwork lengths:
6.50 m (21` - 3"); 8.00 m (26` - 2");
10.00 m (32` - 9"); 12.00 m (39` - 4");
14.00 m (45` - 11"); 16.00 m (52` - 5");

Non-standard dimensions are available.
By joining two shorter tables, greater lengths can be obtained.

Delivery is possible with a ready-made vibrator installation.
Available with pipes for heating with steam or oil.