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UPB ENERGY group with companies UPB GmbH in Germany, UPB AS in Switzerland and UPB ENERGY in Latvia is a long-term international project of the UPB AS and its aim is to design, produce and service environmentally friendly energy equipment – cogeneration stations.

Company designs, produces and installs natural gas, biogas, synthetic gas and crude oil gas operated cogeneration stations and provides a high level service. Cogeneration stations can be characterised by the broadest application: they are used at agricultural companies, in dwelling buildings, hospitals, sports and recreation complexes etc.

The production unit of cogeneration stations is located at the Pulvera Street’s Industrial park in Liepāja and is the only production unit of this kind in the Baltics. The cogeneration stations completed at the production unit have already been delivered to clients in Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Germany, USA, Italy, Bulgaria and others.

UPB ENERGY specialists have over 20 year experience in the field of design and servicing of cogeneration stations. The team of competent employees consists of experienced engineers, technical workers and service specialists.

UPB GmbH is a member of the German cogeneration station association.

More detailed information on producers UPB ENERGY Group website