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| 23. 01. 2015 | The UPB-constructed ornithological research centre Naturum Vattenriket in Sweden — one of the most beautiful solar panel buildings in the world

Within the International Energy Agency’s research project, the 50 most beautiful solar panel buildings have been chosen from all over the world and Naturum Vattenriket in Sweden is one of them. The purpose of selection and evaluation of this type of buildings is to inspire the industry to construct such buildings, to increase architects’ knowledge and interest in using solar energy in buildings, as well as to stress the importance of energy efficiency in buildings.


The jury was made up of 20 architects from 12 countries who are engaged in research and architecture. These 50 buildings is an excellent example of how to apply new solutions and industrial knowledge to incorporate solar panels in a building so that they not only look beautiful but also are functional, thus breaking stereotypes that they are ugly and their installation is time-consuming.


In the Naturum Vattenriket project UPB was responsible for installation.