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| 06. 01. 2015 | RTU construction competition “Paper Bridges”

As the main sponsor, UPB participated in the paper bridge construction competition “Paper Bridges” organised by the Riga Technical University (RTU) Faculty of Civil Engineering on 4 December 2014.


In total, 9 teams each with 3 members fought for the victory in the competition. Each team had the opportunity to test their ideas and skills in making as strong and interesting paper bridge as possible by using only 50 sheets of A4 paper, glue pen, paper knife and scissors.


The three best teams that succeeded in making the strongest bridges received prizes. Overall, there were two first place winners whose bridges could hold up to 41.5 kg and one team in the second place whose bridge managed to hold 23 kg.


The competing teams represented not only the RTU, but also Riga Construction College and Sigulda State Grammar School.


We are truly happy for the active new engineers and their supporters!